A Cross Section of Terrorism is another challenge facing Africa today.

What is Terrorism:
Is it a crime, or assassination or ideology or revenge or war or what. It is a big question. We see terrorism in many ways. Al Quayda, ISIS, and the most known in Africa; Boko Haram, all are categorized as terrorist groups but when you analyze the motives all are different. They are terrorist because they kill innocent people, common public but motives are different.

If we want to understand the causes & finding a solution, let us not think as sufferer; let us think other way round, from the eyes of terrorist then may be we can find a solution.

Following point will make you understand what are the various reasons that create terrorist group and what are there thinking behind killing and thus we may find our answer, How to stop terrorism.

1. History: In this world, God created Humans and then humans increased population so they needed to create civil societies in order to maintain the law & order and bring the monitory & social development. Thus We got Kings, President, Government. With the governance of one person or several people, not everybody in society becomes happy. There will be some people who are not happy and want the change in Government. Here lies the seed of terrorism. So a group of people takes weapon and government tries to suppress them by force using police or army and they fight. Chandrasekhar Azad & Bhagat Singh team did not like English rule so they took on weapon and started killing. For these people & for us, it was fight for independence but for English government it was terrorism. Similarly, in Kashmir, people are not happy with Indian government so they took on arms and started fighting. For Indian government they are terrorist & for them they are freedom fighters. This scene is repeated thousands of time in the history of mankind and in some cased these freedom fighters got independence and some did not. Some got suppressed and some still fighting. Sharing the World has never been an attribute of Human civilization and thus fighting still continues.

2. Lust of Power: Getting power is easy but maintaining it is difficult. One can become president or Prime Minister easily but to remain in that position required lot of positive, negative, ugly practices. Politicians want s to be in power so they create situations (Riots) and then provide the solution so that they can be good in the eyes. To remain a Hero, you need to keep villain alive and this reason will continue to attract people in generation to come and thus terrorism will continue.

3. Inequality: Throughout the human History, Societies remain economically, culturally unequal and development & growth, which is positive force of human nature strive to various positive & negative means to achieve the development. Terrorism is one negative means to achieve the positive goal. Even Gita says that if objective is positive then means to achieve it is not good or bad, it is just means.

Cure of Terrorism:
Possibly there is no cure of Terrorism as it is not a disease and neither it is a problem. It is part of human behavior to achieve growth & development. Only bad thing about terrorism is lost lives of innocent people, which is side effect of this means. Possibly following things can reduce the side effects –

1. Education & Awareness: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Anna Hazare and so many more have shown the path of Non Violence and truth and this means has delivered the results. Education & Awareness will help those striving for growth & Development to choose this path rather than Violence. But pity is that not every body has capability to reason & believe in the path of Non Violence.

2. Religious Development: No religion teaches the path of Violence. Strong spirituality can clear the conscience and help people chose the right path to achieve growth and fight inequality.

There could be 100s of  ways to tackle terrorism but as a sufferer what we can do is following -

1. Help people follow the right path in case of inequality & Injustice by counselling. Let our behavior not hurt & harm anybody, any cast, any religion.

2. Let us also be vigilant and be aware of any suspicious activity around us. This is not the responsibility of Security agencies only to stop such act but also our responsibility to support & cooperate them.

Thanks for your time.


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