Culture Issue; Africa The Dark Continent

Africa: The Dark Continent in the Eyes of Other Continents.

Africa, The Dark Continent, has literally, been dark for ages in terms of social, cultural & economic development and thus business practices, critical factors of success of business are more challenging than other continents of the world. These cultural challenges determine the success or failure of the organization & its growth. There are several reasons of this slow development which are briefed as below –

1. Adversity: It is Truth that all those societies, which are grown & developed, were full of adversity in the life e.g. Europe faced harsh whether, Asia faced enormous population. Thus to cope with adverse living condition & to control & maintain the societies, they developed tools & invented various things to make there life comfortable & feed & develop the people. In contrast, Africa is blessed by Nature. From ages they need not to work hard to find food and lived in Jungles without much suffering and this ultimately affected there social & cultural growth leading to most poorly developed continent in Earth in Modern days. Because of this, development of cooperative societies, monetary system, Education System, Market & business practices were not developed which ultimately affected the growth & development of the continent. Any business need challenges in order to grow & develop.

2. Education: For Individual, Education develops logical thinking, what is right & what is wrong, what can be done if this happens. Because of less adversity, African forefathers never realized to develop a strong education system. This led the society to remain basic, there thinking became dull, they can not do multitasking, poor mathematics & calculation, poorly developed written & verbal language. Poor education system also led to poor Moral Values . Nothing is right or wrong here in terms of relationship, social values and forget about social responsibilities. Lack of education clearly reflects on Individual African’ Lifestyle & tribal difference in culture & development. Lack of Moral values leads to high level of corruption by Individuals at all the level, taking undue advantage of others in need and thus Trust & Reliability is no world in dictionary of African culture making it difficult to have interdependency.

3. Awareness: Can you imagine that in most of African countries, news paper costs more that N100. In a society where people die of hunger, who is going to spend money on reading newspaper rather than buying one meal in a day. On average only 25% of the population has electricity & TV in there houses and the cost of subscription of satellite channels ranges from N2000 & above thus most people watch few local channels. On top of it, most of the government controls the media & passage of information. All this leads to poor awareness of what is happening around in their country as well as the world. Poor awareness also leads to poor judgment while electing representatives for the government. Ask any Normal man in Africa that how many people are running for presidency, he can not even name two person, Forget about knowing details about them. Poor awareness also leads to Highest level of corruption. If the public is not aware of various development schemes & projects government is working on, there is nobody to stop the minister of stealing money & doing fraud. Thus poverty level remains the same & only 5% people in the power & Business possess 80% wealth of the country.

4. Copy & Paste: Poor awareness also hinders the development of new ideas, new business & creativity in solving day to day problems in business. It is not a surprise that you will find an African man wearing a suit in hot summer day, on street because he feels, wearing a suit will show him off as wealthy & cultured man and people will respect him.
Loss of creativity leads copy & paste culture. African will follow what European or American is doing for solving a particular problem rather than using their own customized approach to solve the problems & implement plans which suits them better as African.

All above factors determine the success or Failure & development of any country, any society and any company as well. If we incorporate above factors in our corporate culture then there is no doubt on success & growth of the company and I think above illustration also reveals the reason why Indians are now developing & ruling the world in Business, culture & Technology.

Thanks for your time. Please leave your suggestions by commenting on the above issue.


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