IG Wala Calls on Sane Nigerians

Dear sane Nigerians, LET US CALL FOR THE BAN OF THUGGERY IN POLITICAL ACTIVITIES IN NIGERIA. There is fire on the mountains in our rural communities which must be fuel by the souls of those of us in the city. The children of the poor who are victims of our own wickedness and greed are becoming mutants that are resisting all our tricks used in deceiving their aging and illiterate parents. This set of citizens are part of the political campaigns going on across the country. In fact you see them in the front with sticks and weapons, wearing black clothes and chanting all unprintable words. We must wake up to this ugly trend, we must dignify every life and avoid using them in an ugly transaction. This class of citizens are being exposed to arms, drugs and lawlessness. With the level of poverty and poor economy, they cannot be used and dumped any longer. They will mutate into dreaded groups or militants and their activities will surely consumes everyone of us in the same manner Boko Haram or armed bandits are wrecking havocs in our communities. Let us ban the use of political thugs, let us ban anyone carrying all forms of arms and weapons and the use of drugs in all political activities. Let us call for decent political atmosphere in our communities. LET US ALSO BAN ALL INDIVIDUAL POLITICIANS THAT ARE PROMOTING SUCH INDECENCY IN POLITICS.


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