Politics is one of the major ways considered to be a reason to humanity in the world. But in some continents especially Africa politics seems to be in an opposite  way instead. It is in Africa where a person is looting the wealth of a country and the people will accuse him for such an act during his early time in office, but during the end of his tenure when he is going to seek for the next term in office he is going to start paying some few rotten people in the society  and promised them something. But after he won the election he will say they are bad people in the society ordered the police to arrest them, now he apart ways with them.
The noticeable thing here is he used that few bad people and sank the people of his constituency and now use the power of his office and ordered police to break the rotten ladder to his success.

At this point people need to realize that those politicians never present their own relatives during campaign, but during swearing in into the office you will see no one close to them but their families since this time they are exhibiting that now is the turn of their relatives to takeover his activities not the people he is representing.

In the next article we will try to write to you some stupid things that are happening in the political parties that shows politics is no way near leadership of people by people but just a BUSINESS.  Thanks for your time.


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