125 Beheaded Bodies Uncovered

Ancient 2,000-year-old HOLY MASSACRE found in Jerusalem as 125 beheaded bodies uncovered dailystar.co.uk Oct 15, 2018 10:00 PM AT LEAST 125 skeletons have been found decapitated as archaeologists uncovered the remains on a ancient massacre committed by a "holy" king in Jerusalem. Israel’s Antiquities Authority revealed the grisly find which they had uncovered in the city’s so-called Russian Compound. Bones and skulls were uncovered in an ancient water cistern and the site is believed to be proof of a massacre. Experts believe most of the skeletons are women and children – and who’ll have belonged to the Pharisee community, an ancient sect of Jews. The decayed bodies show marks which suggest they were decapitated by sword and then dumped into the mass graves. Pregnant women’s remains was also found in the pit – with the archaeologists describing the site as “alarming”. “They were apparently the victims of a cruel massacre and were thrown into the pit” Dr. Yossi Naga IAA archaeologists Kfir Arbiv and Tehila Lieberman, along with authority anthropologist Dr. Yossi Naga found the skeletons piled three layers. Skeletons included men, but they were mostly women, children and infants. Three tiny skeletons were also found – which are believed to be foetuses who died in their mothers wombs. The massacre is thought to have been committed by King Alexander Yanni who ruled over Judea between 103 and 76 BC. Yanni was regarded as a "holy man" and his reign was marked by endless wars as he seized swathes of territory, which led to a six-year Judaean Civil War. JERUSALEM: Archaeologists uncovered evidence of skeletons from an ancient massacre Dr Naga said: "During the excavation, we discovered monstrous findings. "We removed more than twenty cervical vertebrae and bodies and body parts of babies and adults, women and men. “They were apparently the victims of a cruel massacre and were thrown into the pit. "It’s presumed to be foetuses from the wombs of murdered women.” DIG: Archaeologists found marks on the bones which showed they had been decapitated HOLY MASSACRE: King Alexander Yanni is believed to have been behind the killings Skeletons were not found in usual burial possession – so it is believed they were simply thrown into the pit after execution. IAA are sure this was a massacre rather than a battle due to the lack of other wounds on the bodies. Dr Naga went on: "A large number of the skeletons had marks showing that neck vertebrae and skulls had been cut or severed. "There were no other injuries found on the skeletons hands or feet, following extensive examinations.” FOUND: Archaeologists described the skeleton discovery as 'monstrous' Lieberman said: "We can attribute the brutality to King Alexander Yannai, who historical accounts say captured and killed many Jews who opposed him, including their children and wives, whom he executed in front of them. "The bones discovered in the pit indeed bear innumerable marks of swords that struck not only the neck, but also the bottom jaw and the base of the skull, demonstrating that their heads had been cut off. "What's more, the bones of fetuses discovered in the excavation reveal that those slaughtered included pregnant women." The findings were presented at the annual New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem, held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


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